The ‘School of Public Health’ of ‘Zahedan University of Medical Sciences’ (ZAUMS), officially began its work from October 1990, with admission of students in environmental health course. On October 1992 admission of students in two other courses of “Family Health” and “Disease Control” began.

Admission of students in the BSc courses of “Health Promotion”, “Environmental Health”, “Epidemiology” and “Health management” respectively began on 2007, 2008, 2014 and 2017. In addition admission of students in

Presently educational and research practices are ongoing in four departments in the School of Public Health of ZAUMS:

1.       Department of Environmental Health Engineering (founded on 1995)

2.       Department of Public Health (founded on 1995)

3.       Department of Prophetical Health Engineering (founded on 1999)

4.       Department of Epidemiology (founded on 2013)


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